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Thai Lottery Result in Today 01-11-2022  Thailand Lottery Results will be announced today at 02.30 PM. Aspirants who are looking for Thailand lottery results can get the lottery winning numbers through our page. Here we are here to give you all the relevant information about the GLO Thailand Lottery lottery result chart. A large number of groups of people are expected for the Thai Lottery Today draw. Rare opportunity for candidates to win appealing awards. Groups of people from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Qatar are able to download Thai Lottery Results on 01/11/2022 from this page.

Best of luck to each of you. Today may be the day of supernatural events for you. Maybe you’ll walk away with the Thai sweepstakes today. A large number of Thai lottery ticket buyers are hanging really hard for the 01 November 2022 Thai lottery draw. Along these lines, let’s get ready to see their karma in reality.

On the off chance that you play the latest lotto game like this, look below and start seeing the live result of the current game. All winning amounts of Thai Lotto today’s results are on this post! Actually, check now and appreciate Thailand Lotto Result 2022 today.

Today Thai lottery live result is available on this site with all winning result charts and numbers. You can actually have a look at the live updates of the results and tips of this game.

Thailand Lottery Results for November 01, 2022

The main justification for winning the result because they follow their authority lotto site and constantly stay on their celebrity number game tips by keeping in mind every precise recipe and all the important points of the paper magazine in every meeting.

Today all people groups who are associated with us can see the latest Thai paper tips and cut 3up tips and check the total data about the results of the download diagram of this game and maybe they can win some final products as well. are

Thai lottery result today 2022

Another Thai lottery Result Chart draw has arrived. This is the second draw of this current month while the first draw was completed effectively on 1/10/2022. Millions of candidates are hanging tight for the Thailand lottery draw. The invigorate season of this draw is 2.30 PM early afternoon.

Rarely are any up-and-comers who Purchased lottery tickets will get attractive awards and various benefits. In a few moments, we will update the Thailand Lottery results. Going to be arranged by GLO officials on Tuesday. Competitors see your results through this page.

Thai lottery result today 2022

Thai lottery result today 2022






Thai lottery result today 2022


Download Thai Lottery Results in Today PDF Winning Numbers Here.

A large number of candidates from different countries are participating. Each period of the first date and the sixteenth day will lead to this draw. This is the most popular and most viewed lottery plan. Additionally, the award cash is similarly unusually large.

Thailand Lottery History

thai lottery win

Thailand’s lottery odds go back a long way to traditional times. The lottery was initially introduced in Thailand during the reign of King Rama V. It was the first time that it was taken out in a proper way around the world to appreciate the ruler’s birthday.

Again in 1917, a lottery was held to help the country of Thailand financially in World War II. As a partner, in 1932, the lottery was used to raise assets for social benefits. The Thai Red Cross cause used lottery assets to cover its expenses.

The Thai government canceled the draft charge levied on Thai boys who wanted to leave the compulsory administration due to this protest, a cut in public authority pay. In 1934 the public authority chose to introduce a lottery to generate assets to cover the revenue shock.

Finally, the drawing was executed by the Income Division. The draw cycle was also introduced to the surrounding areas at the same time to support the operations of the regional district.

The Money Division established the Primary Lottery Board on 5 April 1939, which is currently held as the date of the Public Authority Lottery Office. After the foundation of the lottery in 1939, the control of lottery activities was transferred

Currently, the E-Day Public Authority Lottery Office distributes 15 million tickets for each draw. To promote the game, he similarly gave away 2,000,000 tickets, and for other foundation associations, he gave away 7,000,000 lottery tickets in similar draws.

The Public Authority Lottery Office operated a most unusual wide-scope print machine. The Lottery Office prints the tickets themselves for each draw and handles the printing position for other government organizations. Thailand’s lottery is a major source of revenue distribution for the public authority each year.

The lottery office transfers north of 4000 million baht to the public authority depository. It also gives 440 grants of 20,000 baht each to students and provides 8,000,000 baht annually to various foundations. Similarly, the Lottery Office also provides about 20 million baht annually for government aid reserves, general administration, and military faculty.

Thailand Lotto Rules

In Thailand, the only two types of betting allowed are horse racing and the other is Thailand Lottery. Public authority strictly prohibits any other form of playing. Nevertheless, Thai people are very partial to being sportsmen themselves. So because of this explanation, lotteries in Thailand are treated exceptionally.


Thai Lottery Result Chart

It is very important to play and score sweepstakes by purchasing tickets. As a penalty for buying a ticket, everyone carefully chooses lottery numbers and tries their luck. Sadly, however, the majority fall flat because a lone lottery can provide few winners.



Value ( Baht)

1st Prize
01 prize
2nd Prize
5 prizes
3rd Prize
10 prizes
4th Prize
50 prizes
5th Prize
100 prizes
Side Prize 1st Prize
02 prizes
3-page numbers
02 prizes
Last 3 Digits
02 prizes
Last 2 Digits
01 prize


Thailand Lottery Looks Like

As can be seen, only one type of lottery has been used in Thailand for a long time. It is still based on material printed on paper. In Thailand, you should get lottery tickets from specialists who get these tickets from retailers. Retailers sold lottery tickets to the general population.

thai Lottery paper

The number of tickets was also written on it. So if you have any desire to get a special or unusual number, you should look for someone selling this number. Later, Public Authority Lottery Office undertakings included the provision of mechanizing lottery administration.

The Public Authority Lottery Office migrated its manual framework to an electronic framework. At the time when the electronic framework was fully functional, clients purchased lottery tickets on the web and received installments of their winning awards from Business Bank’s country-wide organization of mechanized teller machines (ATMs).

thai lottery

A lottery ticket costs 40 baht. A lottery bundle contains two tickets, so a lottery ticket costs about 80 baht. Each ticket has a unique six-digit number. During a live draw, many numbers are drawn each time because of the number of prizes each number represents, and how much the lottery is.


Thai Lottery Tips and tricks

Scoring the sweepstakes is undoubtedly a shot in the dark, however, some experts believe that winning the lottery is a property of the system and prefers to choose the lucky numbers on the tickets. Accordingly, here are some top tips and cheats shared by our experts to increase your chances of scoring the Thai sweepstakes. Real tips are useful to benefit from lottery tickets. There is no doubt that everyone is unusually worried about the lottery business.

Similarly, tips will guide you to go with the last choice when picking lottery numbers. People usually try to pick or buy lucky numbers and stick to them for a long time. This is definitely not a decent choice. A well-informed number can make you a tycoon, and a number bought on speculation can cost you cash.

You, first of all, need to practice the game. Time and time again, people quit the game after developing recurring frustrations that diminish their chances of success sooner or later in life. However, assuming you stick with the Thai Lotto, you’ll be offering yourself small prizes or rewards over the long haul. The mystery is in growth and assurance.

thai lottery 3up tips

thai lottery tips and tricks

thai lottery result today


Be careful in choosing numbers

Most people usually choose numbers based on symbolic numbers like age, date of birth, and marriage. Often we want to predict lucky numbers in different ways. But this is a terrible idea. Doing so actually limits your chances of winning the lottery, as it will tie you to a specific number from 01 to 21. So, don’t do it. It is always better to choose your lottery number wisely. This can increase the chances of winning the lottery.

thai lottery result 2022 full list

Be Determined and Patient

Engagement is always the key to success. It will help if you never give up hope but keep trying. Since Thai Lottery 3up is very easy to play and the numbers are drawn frequently, you should not stop playing after a while. If you persist, you may even win regular prizes or jackpots.

There are many examples of winning the jackpot in Thai Lotto! Another important tip that lottery players should keep in mind is spotting unsuccessful lottery numbers. After a while, such numbers have a higher chance of winning the prize for the player.

By the way, other methods of choosing lottery numbers are less expensive. As mentioned, the Thai Lotto winning strategy plays an important role in winning the lottery. Regular lottery winners do a lot of research on the numbers they pick and their chances of being picked again.

Thai Lottery Lucky Number Generator

Experts usually buy a series of numbers to increase the odds of winning, but this is more expensive. So the most intelligent and logical approach is made statistically. Even better if done with dedicated software. Googling further, I learned that the “Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator” is the only mathematical character picker developed for the Thai lottery game.

thailand lottery result

This software is already testing the above Thailand Lottery VIP Tips and other useful components. The Windows operating system offers a unique feature that automatically generates lottery numbers based on previous lotteries, demographic data, distribution formulas, and random events.

Generally improve your chances of winning by purchasing products based on statistics, time usage, and selected lotteries. You can manually add up to four numbers to the extension and choose a percentage between statistical calculation and pure luck.

Thai Lottery Fake tickets

To begin with, let’s discuss fake lottery tickets, which can be sold to anyone. Unfortunately, some people will try to sell fake Thai lottery tickets. Most Thais can easily identify fraudulent watermarks by mistake, but newcomers can be easily misled.

Fake tickets have the following characteristics: So that you know what to look for, don’t buy tickets from a stranger who doesn’t look like a typical vendor. It is best to buy tickets only from the storekeeper from whom the Thais are buying. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the ticket, walk away.

Never pay more than 120 baht for lottery tickets (100 baht is the usual price). It is also unreliable to expect to pay the actual price (80 baht) for these tickets as the lottery office does not pay them directly so the traders have to make a profit.

Instructions for Guaranteeing Prize Cash Thai Lottery 2022 (Public Lottery GLO)

Bring accompanying records if it is not too difficult to guarantee an award

Your free scoring sweepstakes ticket on the back of the lottery ticket

Your prominent distinction proof card.

Contact the prize installment workplace for an award guarantee.

Thai Government Lottery Office (Sanambinam Branch), G Floor, 359 Nonthaburi Street, Thai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi, 11000.

Assuming the Award Cash is 20,000 baht or less, the Award Cash will be paid in real money.

The liability/duty must be settled before the award is fully monetized.

Assuming the award cash is north of 20,000 baht, the award cash will be paid in kind to the original of Krungthai Bank. The Award amount is NETT

Prize Claiming

5 Minutes: General Inquiry

15 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 10 Tickets )

30 Minutes: Claim the First Prize ( For 1 Ticket ),

48 Minutes: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 1000 Tickets)

2 Hours: Claim Prizes ( Not More than 2500 Tickets)

Note: Physically-Challenged Person May Receive the Service At a Counter With Disability Sign

The Service May Required More time When Encountering the Prize Payment System Breakdown.

Pay Tax

Prize Winners Must Pay withholding Tax At the Rate of 1 Percent of the Prize Money.

Instructions for buying Thai lottery tickets

The Government Lottery Office GLO offers passes to public wholesalers commonly referred to as specialists. Experts were offered to 14,760 registered retailers who made direct offers to interest groups. The direct buy lottery ticket is only accessible through Krung Thai Bank. Thailand Lottery Merchants will purchase Thailand Lottery tickets directly from the official lottery office as part of a plan to reduce the exorbitant cost of Able tickets.

For installments, all sellers should be registered with GLO and Open Ledger of Thar.

Thailand Lottery Results Live Today

Thailand Lottery is the main type of betting allowed to be played in Thailand and Thais are exceptionally fond of this game. In any case, the electronic framework used to integrate lottery tickets in the Thailand Lottery has not yet used paper-based materials. Thai Lottery tickets can be purchased from specialists who also carry them from retailers. The Thailand lottery ticket award is 80 baht.

Thai lottery tickets are drawn every first and sixteenth day. You need to take 06 single digits while buying the Thai Lottery Result Pass for Thai Lottery. Tips to buy lottery tickets without further ado.

thai lottery result chart


Authentic basis of Public Authority Lottery Office

Thai lottery tickets were first issued in the region of Rama V. Lord then agreed to let the Imperial Protector Division operate a lottery on that anniversary in 1874. The first office was operating in the Kankadia compound. The wonderful place that has yet to follow the European framework is the Sahitya commitment. Mr. Alabaster is thought of as the pioneer behind the lottery in Thailand.

The Government Lottery Office has been operated under the Government Lottery Office Act B.E 2517 which came into force since B.E 2517 and the Government Lottery Office Act B.E 2562. He mentioned in segment 5 that the Lottery Office will be founded. The public authority is known as the Lottery Office.

Thai Lottery GLO Act

As shown in the GLO-making demonstration, the profits from the offering of lottery tickets by the Public Authority Lottery Office shall be designated as follows:

  1. 60% as a reward.
  2. At least 28% as state revenue.
  3. Not more than 12% as utilization on organizational comprehensive costs of transactions: 9% for transaction costs and 3% for administrative costs.

Thai Lottery Charity Funds
4 Million Baht generates by this lottery each year for the charity Thai Red Cross.

GLO is also a member of the World Lottery Association (WLA) it is also a member of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA).

Six Line Thai Lottery Result Today Lucky Number Saudi Arabia

Thailand’s lucky numbers will be updated here soon. You can check Go thai lottery 3up numbers and the next draw numbers, Thailand lottery numbers. A number of people who have won consecutive prize pools. So today is an extra great day for someone to win some attractive awards.

Thai Lottery 123

After all, groups of people are looking for tips and cheats, and tricks to score this sweepstake. Permanently 2 draws will be conducted directly by the plan authorities. Victors Lottery ticket numbers will be announced on the draw date. Be that as it may, Thai Lottery 100 winning players looking for public gathering Facebook, Thailand Lottery 2022 results today in Saudi Arabia and several different nuances before the results.

Thai Paper Lottery

Another Thai lottery result draw is going to be held today. Groups of people from Thailand are looking for Thai Lottery 3-up tips and winning sheets. With this large number of candidates in a short time, we will give you the Thai lottery today ok free.

Thailand Lottery Results List

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Thailand Lottery is going to be the last draw of this current month. The draw was held on the first and sixteenth of the month. Competitors actually take a look at the live results likewise through this page or authority online interface. Basically, the results will reach before 3 pm. A few times the delivery gets some margin for the winning numbers. In any case, we are continuously showing the draw results as per date. All interface with this page for another update about the Thai Lottery.

thai lottery sixline tip

thai 3d lottery result today

Thai Lottery Results Today 2022 Winning Sheet Download Here

Candidates can now find Thailand Lucky Lottery Numbers, Surrender Numbers, and Thai Lotto Results on the web for July Thai Government Lottery, Thai Lottery Result Today Speculative Numbers, and of course more different nuances. Be that as it may, you can likewise check past draw results on the main online interface.

Instructions to Check Thai Lottery Result

  • Go to the Authority Online interface.
  • Or again the direct connection is additionally given below or above.
  • From this point onwards, the main page will be displayed.
  • Government lottery results daily time frame 01-11-2022 selection will be shown.
  • Finally, Check the Results of the O Grant Validation Selection.

Thai Lottery Today Result Live Web-Based Part

Check Prize Results Check Lottery Freeze Check lottery numbers by selecting year, daily portion, lottery number and set wise. Announcing installment postponement/543 | Daily 01.11.2022 updates are available from this page.

Deferent Games Of Thai Lottery

Thai Lottery Pangora Gift

Thai Lottery HTF Single Digit Game

Thai Lottery Last Down Game

Thai Lottery Total Cut-Down Set Game

GLO Goals

The Public Authority Lottery Office has been operating under the Public Authority Lottery Office Act B.E 2517 which has been operating since 1st October B.E 2517 and the Public Authority Lottery Office Act B.E 2562. It is revealed in segment 5 that the lottery will be founded. An office is known as the Public Authority Lottery Office.


Prizes will be paid to lottery winners provided the lottery is not sold, reducing the award proportionately. Thailand Lottery result chart 2022 Prize Champions need to go to the Government Lottery Office to claim the cheque. In case the award is less than 20.000 baht, it is taken from the neighboring specialist in the actual amount.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thai Lottery Result 

  1. How do I claim Thai lottery?
    Three-digit lottery winners can claim their prize cash guarantee from the shop where they bought the ticket, or from GLO or Common CGD workplaces. 1% duty will be deducted.
  2. What time is the Thai lottery?
    ANSWER: Lottery drawings on the 1st and 16th of each month are broadcast on the Public Telecom Authority of Thailand starting at 14:30 on Spring News and 15:00 on NBT in addition to Radio Thailand. Also broadcast on Homegrown Assistance.
  3. Can foreigners play lotto in Thailand?
    ANSWER: Anyone, Thai or non-Thai, who is at least 20 years of age can play and win prizes in the Thai government lottery.
  4. Can I transfer lottery winnings to India?
    ANSWER: Yes. A non-resident can bring a lottery amount to India. But he should stay outside for a minimum of 182 days.
  5. How much is a lottery ticket in Thailand?
    ANSWER: The legal price of the public authority lottery is 80 baht for each ticket, except that players consider themselves lucky to be able to get a ticket for that price. Typically, lottery tickets are sold for 100 baht or more, depending on the “request” (either real or fake) for specific numbers – especially the last few digits.
  6. How much tax do lottery winners pay?
    ANSWER: All prizes over $5,000 are liable to be collected by the lottery organizations at a rate of 24%. This potentially leaves a gap between the compulsory act of keeping and the full duty depending on your share of expenses.
  7. What happens if I win the lottery in another country?
    ANSWER: Each country’s duty rules may vary, but in the event that you need to pay taxes on lottery prizes in an unfamiliar country, the IRS allows you to appreciate the unfamiliar expenses for this purpose. That you do not pay similar charges. Pay in multiple countries.
  8. What is the tax on a 1 crore lottery in India?
    ANSWER: What do the assessment regulations say about lottery payouts? At the point when an individual gets paid from lotteries, game shows, or even wins cash from sports like horse racing, this type of unique pay is taken at the level of 30%.
  9. Can I give money away if I win the lottery?
    ANSWER: Basically, there is no limit to how many lottery prizes you can gift to a relative. It follows the basic guidelines that you can gift any amount of cash you want. All things considered, any amount of gifted cash that exceeds your annual remittance may be subject to a legacy charge.
  10. How do you give money to your family after winning the lottery?
    ANSWER: A lottery champ can create an endowment of a portion of the lottery prizes. This is only permissible to the extent of the annual exclusion, or, in all likelihood, it will require a gift charge risk. Annual gift-giving in this design is an effective way to reward relatives and colleagues while reducing spending tips.